We updated our article on the recent EPik / Rob Monster grift, which is surprisingly like FTX but even worse. Monster is literally stealing money and domains out of people's accounts to pay his bills and then threatening make them keep quiet.

I recently called Monster's personal cell phone to see if he wanted to comment for our article and he simply said, “I am aware of your activities, Derek, judgement is coming for you” and when Mr. Peterson, fighting back the laughter, asked him to clarify what he meant exactly by “judgement”, Monster, being the coward that he is, walked it back by saying, “you should expect to hear from my attorneys”.

Anyway, funny stuff and totally insane actual crimes. Check it out.


This has to be the gayest and fakest psyop of all psyops.

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I'm not big on making memes but when I saw this image, this instantly came to mind.
So, meme'd it up.

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1) We are in process of adding Full Length videos this week.
2) Then we will add in an Ebay like store system so people can sell their own products.
3) Finish making the whole thing federate with multiple protocols.
4) Change name and launch.

We will be Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Locals, Medium, TikTok, Patreon and Ebay all under one roof connected to the Fediverse.

If you have some time please create an account and help us test. gorf.social/

Fag Hags - Senate Republicans that voted for sodomite marriage.

Please let me know when the 2nd half of final game of World Cup starts so I can watch. Thank you.

The Fediverse needs to be burned with fire and then regrown from the ashes.

WOW! Thanksgiving miracle. One of the Epik customers just went public and told quit the story. Rob Monster, went into the account of this user, converted $1.5M worth of $BTC into USD and then with that USD purchased Epik's fake token, MasterBucks, which is now insolvent. The user never agreed to this transaction. Rob Monster basically just stole $1,500,000 directly from a user.

We have worked with a bunch of whistleblowers and customers that are afraid to come forward and turns out that Epik is about $12,000,000 in debt, like stolen money debt, that we know of. There could many, many more millions.

Tells your friends to get out and far away from Epik and Rob Monster.

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