Just a little reminder to anyone dumb enough to still be using Epik, Inc or any website that uses Epik, Inc (eg. Gab, Parler, Oathkeepers, Infowars, etc).

You will be fined $2,500 each and every time you defame Epik or spread any false, inaccurate or misleading information, which is based entirely on the opinions and emotions of Rob Monster, Owner and The Chairman of the Board. Those funds will be auto withdrawn from your account or confiscated from escrow funds or if those fines are not paid your domains may be liquidated to pay those debts. The fines will continue until moral improves.

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Next stop, gov digital currency. 12 week trial period turned "woopsie daisy" permanent program.
naw don't be silly bitcoin is impervious

the tv told me so.

@Jonaschuzzlewit @Omega_Variant You're on of those fake Christian schizoids that told me and many others to kill themselves. Blocked.

I did not actually... But is it to late to do it now?
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