WOW! Thanksgiving miracle. One of the Epik customers just went public and told quit the story. Rob Monster, went into the account of this user, converted $1.5M worth of $BTC into USD and then with that USD purchased Epik's fake token, MasterBucks, which is now insolvent. The user never agreed to this transaction. Rob Monster basically just stole $1,500,000 directly from a user.

We have worked with a bunch of whistleblowers and customers that are afraid to come forward and turns out that Epik is about $12,000,000 in debt, like stolen money debt, that we know of. There could many, many more millions.

Tells your friends to get out and far away from Epik and Rob Monster.

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@derek fuckstart that mother fucker... that was muh first thought... perhaps a diplomatic method will prevail. be best? and/or wrestle mania cage match no holds barred get some, stop being gaye jajajajas
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