In this new year please remember that Rob Monster:

1) LIED about epik tech and ended up getting hundreds of people fired, doxxed, swatted and very many even put in jail on bogus charges.

2) LIED about his VPN endangering the safety and security of all who used it.

3) Helped COVER-UP giant child porn distribution network and threatened those who tried to expose it and then even purchased the hosting company that was part of this distribution chain.

4) DEFRAUDED investor(s) into ridiculous valuations and thereby stole $16-20+ million.

5) Embezzled millions and spent it on personal expenses, including but not limited to, a $2M home improvement project.

6) LIED about the liquidity of Masterbucks and left users holding the bags totally more than $4M.

In all of his lying and stealing that has hurt so many people in terrible ways Rob Monster has continued to play the victim, shown no remorse for his victims and even continues to try and claim the moral high ground like some kind of gaslighting hyper-spiritual psychopath. Rob Monster is not a Christian, he's a sick man that needs to spend a good 4-5 years in prison to come to himself.

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