I hope and pray that as a result of the tyranny Americans are under they will rediscover their ancestorial culture of honor and stop worrying about their wealth, health and life.

The culture of honor may be considered "irrational" and "foolish" by our current broken culture of humanist cowards but it is the only rational course of action. There are tons of malevolent actors around who will take everything you give them. The only way to scare them back into the shadows is if you are always willing to escalate and never willing to compromise no matter what the consequences are and no matter what actions need to be taken. "Irrational" extreme actions with no concern for consequences or hope for safety are the only way to keep bullies in check.

If you are not willing, sincerely willing, to lose every single thing in your life - family, wealth, health and life then you are already a dead man walking.

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