(((They))) are perfectly happy to have you living on a make believe homestead with some chickens and your moronic wife and kids with no education or real world skills to build things that matter before they finish building their new world. You and your family will be a 30 second mop up when they are ready. Or maybe they won't even bother, just cut off your electricity and internet and you'll all be dead in 2 weeks.

Why do you think these unemployed retarded grifters are so popular on youtube? Same reason they make psychedelics cool, tiny houses awesome and faggotry no big deal. They want you taken out of the fight before the fight begins.

Your only chance is much better men and women fight and die for you. Problem is we end up with selfish, lazy, dumb and cowardly bloodlines surviving. Idiocracy.

We need smart, hard working professionals - engineers, builders, doctors, lawyers and alike to make things.

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