Fag Hags - Senate Republicans that voted for sodomite marriage.

WOW! Thanksgiving miracle. One of the Epik customers just went public and told quit the story. Rob Monster, went into the account of this user, converted $1.5M worth of $BTC into USD and then with that USD purchased Epik's fake token, MasterBucks, which is now insolvent. The user never agreed to this transaction. Rob Monster basically just stole $1,500,000 directly from a user.

We have worked with a bunch of whistleblowers and customers that are afraid to come forward and turns out that Epik is about $12,000,000 in debt, like stolen money debt, that we know of. There could many, many more millions.

Tells your friends to get out and far away from Epik and Rob Monster.


French billionaire Philippe Argillier claims he has four databases that will expose 38 individuals who run the "shadow government". Bill Gates is one of those 38 individuals.

The Prime minister of new Zealand. The nerve of these people to think they deserve to lead and the evil of the ones that gave them that power.

BIG NEWS: The new 4K release of PLANES TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES contains the legendary 75 minutes of deleted scenes that have been whispered about for decades. Finally, witness John Candy smoke and eat a hot dog at the same time.

Just a little reminder to anyone dumb enough to still be using Epik, Inc or any website that uses Epik, Inc (eg. Gab, Parler, Oathkeepers, Infowars, etc).

You will be fined $2,500 each and every time you defame Epik or spread any false, inaccurate or misleading information, which is based entirely on the opinions and emotions of Rob Monster, Owner and The Chairman of the Board. Those funds will be auto withdrawn from your account or confiscated from escrow funds or if those fines are not paid your domains may be liquidated to pay those debts. The fines will continue until moral improves.

Dear Norway, I'm no geologist or anything but umm, I think I see a problem.

SBF (the FTX kid) runs exactly how I imagined he would run.

Twitter before you had to know how to code vs after.

Jack might not have known how to run a company but he did have pretty good taste.

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