@jon Especially in New England. Lyme can be very bad, IMHO cause of about all neuro diseases. Is it true that there are no ticks in Iceland? I'm from RI, NH, ME but really want to go to Iceland.

Currently trying to purchase some Icelandic horses. My only goal for 2023 is 2 Icelandic horses.

@jon Watch out for the ticks though, nearly killed me.

@jon Yes, the best colors in the world. I went to college there and my ancestors founded in 1600s. Was just reading book by one of them about his time in Civil War and getting shipped out of NH, south to fight.

Also, my ancestors actually started rev war in little town called Weare, NH. Check out the pine tree riots. That was real start of war, not some dumb tea party. They got all the press because in Boston.

@taoeffect @edmundedgar you should take the advice instead of being a sarcastic little punk. I don' t have time to give you a lesson on the subject but get off your ass and dig a little deeper.

@taoeffect @edmundedgar Never feel sorry for Alex Jones. He is a shill from the get go. You have a lot to learn and should probably probably mature a little before fighting for guys like him.

@lain hypothetically in most cases but not all.

@Jdogg247 Elon's Jewish bankers called and said ban him or we will kill you.

We updated our article on the recent EPik / Rob Monster grift, which is surprisingly like FTX but even worse. Monster is literally stealing money and domains out of people's accounts to pay his bills and then threatening make them keep quiet.

I recently called Monster's personal cell phone to see if he wanted to comment for our article and he simply said, “I am aware of your activities, Derek, judgement is coming for you” and when Mr. Peterson, fighting back the laughter, asked him to clarify what he meant exactly by “judgement”, Monster, being the coward that he is, walked it back by saying, “you should expect to hear from my attorneys”.

Anyway, funny stuff and totally insane actual crimes. Check it out.


@look @Jdogg247 @Hoss @chudbere @bot either that is not true, it isn't, or you are admitting he is another lazy pedo with a scat fetish.

This has to be the gayest and fakest psyop of all psyops.

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I'm not big on making memes but when I saw this image, this instantly came to mind.
So, meme'd it up.

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