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I paid Hugo Gameiro @hugo for a single user instance on his service at Masto Host for many many years. He always took my money and never had a problem with anything I ever posted or at least never said anything. I haven’t posted there for a very long time in any significant way as I have 2 other instances which I built custom front ends for and just finished building a gigantic social network from scratch but I kept supporting the guy just because, from his postings, he seemed like he needed it and was trying to do good.

But just as soon as he gets a bunch of new customers because of the recent influx of new users to the Fediverse he deletes my account because of “hate speech” without any warning and no chance to get backups myself or delete all my content.

This is another good example of why you should never trust, feel sorry for or help in any way these vile people. Anything you do for them they will just use to hurt you or some other good person as soon as they get a chance.

I don't even use this site. Haven't posted in more than year.

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giving zelenksy the oscar was one of the best trolls ever, even if unintentional

According to several insiders (whistle blowers) Rob Monster tricked an investment company into giving him $16,000,000 by lying about his products, services and finances. They figured it out threatened to charge him with fraud so he settled and is currently spiraling after spending all his ill gotten funds and then being forced to return it all.

If anyone is still using Epik, DON"T! They're not only a total joke and spiraling financially and taking many with them. They owe millions to users (aka suckers) of their escrow service. You put money in, transactions completes and then Epik keeps the money. They have confessed to "comingling" these escrow funds and insiders have revealed that Rob Monster went on a spending spree and paid off a bunch of personal debt and remodeled his house.

Donald Trump: "I gone decades, decades without a war. The first president to do it for that long a period."

So much cringe the world, especially tonight.

The end is nigh.

JUST IN: Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, and others, launch a 12-week experimental digital dollar pilot with the New York Fed.

Let's go.
1) Wheels and tires.
2) Chrome delete and grill.
3) Window tint.
4) Bumper and winch.
5) Rock sliders.
6) Decked storage system.
7) Cap.
8) Roof rack w/ awning and solar.
9) Remove GPS and satellite radio system.
10) Full B6.

11) Mountain cabin with no internet, no phone and especially no people.

If you miss your payment Musk will try to kill you in your gay battery powered Tesla.

Flamingos eating underwater. Not how I imagined it.

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New truck build starting this week. Looking forward to thinking about something besides internet and news drama.

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