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Rob Monster was either a mentally ill, incompetent grifter that was some how able to steal millions in user and investor money or an agent of evil that took his payment for handing over the largest treasure trove or dissident data ever, took his payment and severance package.

Here is an update of the Epik Grift that is happening.
Rob Monster has stolen more than $4,000,000 in users' money through his Masterbucks ponzi scheme, which was nearly identical to FTX and, like them, lost the money in crypto bets.

Rob Monster is now officially being investigated by WA AG and other agencies. These agencies have started showing up at victims' houses and businesses taking video depositions and all materials related to Rob Monster and Epik.

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@nigga_tyreese you should also include the linkedin profile to prove position. After I published those the vile sneaky little faggot deleted all his accounts. Also faggot liking prosecuting J6 protestors. He’s the mod of gab, with access to all to all user data?!

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@derek Thank you for all the good work you have done documenting these idiots.

As bad as the Twitter File revelations are about their joint effort to squelch conservative voices never forget that it is not as bad as Gab.

Gab handed over all user data to the FBI and has continued to help them, without warrants to dox and entrap many on the right.

Trump’s big announcement is that he’s selling NFTs.

Melania’s big announcement was that she was selling a $185,000 NFT.

Ivanka’s big announcement was to promote Goya beans.

Don Jr’s big announcement was to sell $500 cameos.

We updated our article on the recent EPik / Rob Monster grift, which is surprisingly like FTX but even worse. Monster is literally stealing money and domains out of people's accounts to pay his bills and then threatening make them keep quiet.

I recently called Monster's personal cell phone to see if he wanted to comment for our article and he simply said, “I am aware of your activities, Derek, judgement is coming for you” and when Mr. Peterson, fighting back the laughter, asked him to clarify what he meant exactly by “judgement”, Monster, being the coward that he is, walked it back by saying, “you should expect to hear from my attorneys”.

Anyway, funny stuff and totally insane actual crimes. Check it out.

This has to be the gayest and fakest psyop of all psyops.

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I'm not big on making memes but when I saw this image, this instantly came to mind.
So, meme'd it up.

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